Fixing the arrow keys in Vim

Are your Vim / Vi arrow keys making A,C, B etc characters instead of moving around in insert (‘i’) mode ? Try typing this … it fixes it for me: :set nocompatible Or, add the line: set nocompatible to your ~/.vimrc file.

Subscribing to YouTube channels in Miro

Here’s a tip for using Miro (formerly Democracy Player), the kick-ass TV-on-your-computer video playing software. If you want to subscribe to the videos of a particular user on YouTube, you can get an RSS feed of those videos by adding a channel like this to Miro:[insert username here]/videos.rss You can also get RSS feeds for […]

Mounting USB key in Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10, the usefree error

I recently upgraded from Ubuntu Feisty 7.04 to Gutsy 7.10. The upgrade went reasonably well with no serious breakage worth mentioning … except my FAT formatted USB key would no longer mount. It kept giving an error about not liking the mount option usefree. Here is the fix, from the Ubuntu forums:Go into gconf-editor and […]

Ubuntu Disappoints, Breaks Promises With Rapid Growth

There is a nice little rant on OSWeekly by Matt Hartley about Ubuntu’s rabid rapid growth and how he thinks the balance has swayed toward too many half-finished and poorly tested new features and not enough polish. Yes, we all know that with a community produced distro it is OUR job, the role of the […]

Wine-Doors : manage Windows apps under GNOME

Wine-doors is a package managment tool for installing Windows apps under Linux, using Wine. I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, but I really should … it looks like it might do similar things to the excellent CrossOver Office Professional, which is probably bad for CodeWeavers as it’s encroaching on their turf […]