Edit remote files over SSH / SCP using GVim

GVim, one of the graphical versions of vim for X11, has a handy feature … you can edit remote files over ssh. Launch GVim, and issue the command: :e scp://username@someremotehost/./path/to/file where username is your username on the remote server, someremote host is the hostname or ip of the server and /./path/to/file is just that … […]

This is a test of the TomboyBlogposter plugin

TomboyBlogposter plugin It’s a plugin that allows simple posting of a Gnome Tomboy note to a WordPress, Blogger or LiveJournal blog (or anything else that supports the Atom Publishing Protocol). It doesn’t allow setting of WordPress tags, categories or basically anything else except the title and the body text. But it is a convenient way […]

A visual guide to the crontab file

I sometimes need to remind myself how to edit that crontab file … today I found a great little graphic on the Linuxconfig wiki that sums it up nicely: Sometimes, I also pipe the stdout and stderr somewhere (like “/usr/local/sbin/backup.sh >>/var/logs/backups.log 2>/var/logs/backups.err“) if I want to avoid getting emails with the output from cron … […]

Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 is officially out: a “pre-review”

There’s a good concise summary of Hardy Heron installation and upgrade options over at Tombuntu. I’ve been running the beta version via upgrade from Gutsy 7.10, and continually receiving updates, for the last month or so. I guess with this last round of updates I’ll officially be running Hardy Heron 8.04 LTS. On the surface […]

Encrypt your laptop’s /home directory before Christmas

Command Line Warriors is running a campaign to get Linux users to encrypt at least their /home directory by Christmas 2008. It’s a really good idea, since if your laptop gets stolen, without encryption the thief may gain lots of personal data about you or others … possibly enough to steal your identity. And that […]

The Future of Reading (with a Kindle)

Initially when I saw this new Kindle ebook reader thing from Amazon, it sounded mildly exciting (although currently too expensive for me). But thinking about it a little more, I suspected this could be a nasty case of lock-in like iTunes store/iPod or the Wii Virtual Console service. Mark Pilgram has written this nice little […]