My name is Andrew Perry, and I’ve been a GNU/Linux user since the late 1990’s. This is my way of centralizing┬árants and ‘how-to reminders’ about Linux & BSD.

Since GNU/Linux-based operating systems contain an ever-growing family-tree of distributions, I figure it’s worth fleshing out some background on where my preferences lie. In the early days I used RedHat (up to around RedHat 6.2), then Mandrake/Mandriva (up to around Mandriva 2006). Now I mostly use Ubuntu & derivatives. While for many years I used Linux as my primary desktop OS, I also use Windows (*gasp* !) and Mac OSX for tasks where there isn’t decent Linux replacement software available. On servers I’ve used primarily Debian, Ubuntu and a little NetBSD. Personally, I’ve generally settled on using Debian-based distros – not having to learn the quirks of yet-another-OS saves my brainspace for other things.

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