Hide the Desktop icons in Gnome for a clutter free Ubuntu

Quick tip … want to hide all the icons cluttering up your Gnome Desktop ?

Run gconf-editor (Alt-F2, type gconf-editor, Press “Run”) and navigate the tree to find /apps/nautilus/preferences/show_desktop. Set the value to false (uncheck the checkbox), and your Desktop icons should disappear.

You can still access any files on the Desktop using the file manager (eg, under the “Places” menu), but they will no longer obscure the view of your snazzy desktop background.

(Via Tombuntu’s Ubuntu “Intrepid Ibex” 8.10 upgrade notes)

7 thoughts on “Hide the Desktop icons in Gnome for a clutter free Ubuntu

  1. Much appreciated. 🙂

    Also, for anyone wanting to hide just volumes/partitions navigate to:

    apps > nautilus > desktop
    and uncheck “Volumes Visible”

  2. I think it’s hard usability problem, there’s no other way to hide the icons?

    Holy shit!


  3. Hey, thanks for the tip Nykeej. I wasn’t familiar with Ubuntu Tweak ( http://ubuntu-tweak.com/ ), but it looks great tool for power users … exposes lots of little options that are otherwise buried, and some nice package management stuff. It pretty much deserves a dedicated post on this otherwise quiet blog …

  4. Oh no! No more transparency for the cube! It seems the desktop also has the transparency in it, so hiding the desktop makes only the top and bottom of the cube transparent.

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