The Future of Reading (with a Kindle)

Initially when I saw this new Kindle ebook reader thing from Amazon, it sounded mildly exciting (although currently too expensive for me). But thinking about it a little more, I suspected this could be a nasty case of lock-in like iTunes store/iPod or the Wii Virtual Console service.

Mark Pilgram has written this nice little piece, entitled the “Future of Reading”. It highlights various parts of the of the Kindle Terms of Service alongside some quotes from Jeff Bezos (Amazon CEO), as well as some more ominous juxtapositions with some parts of Orwell’s 1984.

The Kindle is DRM infected crap. This is another one of those cases where you can choose convenience or Freedom-with-a-capital-F . . . . I’ll be sticking with dead trees, plain text from Project Gutenburg and maybe the odd unrestricted PDF for the moment.

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