Ubuntu Disappoints, Breaks Promises With Rapid Growth

There is a nice little rant on OSWeekly by Matt Hartley about Ubuntu’s rabid rapid growth and how he thinks the balance has swayed toward too many half-finished and poorly tested new features and not enough polish.

Yes, we all know that with a community produced distro it is OUR job, the role of the USERS, to help test and polish .. yadda yadda … and I’m not denying that … the lack of polish in Feisty is as much MY fault for not helping test and filing bug reports as anyone elses … but the fact remains that there are lots of new features appears before the rough edges in old ones are smoothed over.

As a long-time user of Linux distros, and more recently Ubuntu, I really agree with many of Matt’s points. In most cases, Ubuntu works
great, but there is a real need to fix some of the flaky
utilities that can be real showstoppers for some users (both
experienced and newbies). My personal gripe, to add to the issues with
the Network Manager the author complains about, is that hibernation on
my laptop used to work in Dapper and stopped working for Feisty (searching the Interweb I can see I’m not the only one).
Upgrading shouldn’t *loose* you features or hardware support. Hopefully
there will be a real focus in the next Long Term Support (LTS) release
(Ubuntu 8.04) to not add any flashy new features but just fix and
polish the perfectly usable and snappy OS that we already have. I don’t care if it gets delayed to become Ubuntu 8.10 to do it … just give it polish !!

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