sk1 : another vector graphics editor for Linux, with some features others don’t have

Just a quick note to highlight sk1, which on the surface looks like yet another vector graphics program for Linux, in the vein of Inkscape, skencil and a loosely like Scribus, but on closer inspection contains one very important feature the others have never done well: CorelDRAW format parsing and import (supporting CorelDRAW version 5 to version 13, according to the sk1 news page).

The same group of coders have also released UniConverter, a commandline vector graphics converter which has import filters for CDR, CMX, AI, CGM, WMF, XFIG, SVG, SK, SK1, AFF formats and export filters for AI, SVG, SK, SK1, CGM, WMF formats.

They haven’t released packages for major distros yet, but I had no trouble compiling UniConverter from source (was flawless on Ubuntu 7.04 Fiesty Fawn). This is going to really useful for me, since many of my collegues still use CorelDRAW, and it is about the only file format left that I haven’t been able to view or edit properly on Linux.

Yippee ! Three cheers for the sk1 team !

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