Ubuntu install on Asus P5K-E, Core2 Duo E6750

I recently bought a new PC. Specs are: Intel Core2 Duo E6750, Asus P5K-E Wifi/AP motherboard (using the new Intel P35 chipset), two 320 Gb Seagate Barracuda SATA hard drives. Video is a PCI-E Nvidia 7900GS based card (FORSA), which I bought from a friendly ebayer since the price/performance is better than the 8600 series […]

Replacing tabs with spaces in Python code

There are various reasons why it’s a good idea to stick with using four spaces instead of a tab character in Python code. I’m not going to rehash that particular flamewar inducing arguement here. I like to use spaces to indent my Python code (and have set up Vim accordingly), but occasionally I have some […]

Making Linux systems that don’t suck

I’ve just discovered Roberto Alsina’s blog .. he has a bunch of extremely clear and insightful articles about Linux (and *nix generally). I particularly like “Making Linux systems that don’t suck: Part II” (and Part I and Part 0), which puts a critical eye to cron and at, and surveys a few good alternatives (some […]

Automatix. Caveat emptor.

Ever since I made the switch from Mandriva Linux to Ubuntu GNU/Linux as my primary desktop OS a few years back, I’ve used a program called Automatix to install various useful programs that, usually due to licensing incompatibilities, are not included in the official Ubuntu distributions. This includes things like Google Earth, Google Picasa, Skype, […]

I’m not a rabid Ubuntu fanboy … but …

I’ve just skimmed through an article entitled “Tech Writers Think Ubuntu Is For Morons”, and while I expect that it is just flamebait, I was compelled to comment (below is basically what I wrote as a comment on the Digg posting). The author whinges about how tech writers describe “how-tos” for simple, mundane tasks in […]